Many of our partners use our Consumption Stimulation Agreements. These Agreements are suited to our customers’ needs regarding various elements for equipping a workshop, be it cranes, compressors, washers or something else. Our sales personnel will put together an offer for the requested items pursuant to your request, all according to your estimated total consumption. Along with this, we offer the possibility to pay the invoice for the said products through the period of one year, which mostly will depend on your solvency and size of your fleet etc. This means that we will issue an invoice with payment period of one year. Each month we will send you approvals according to your monthly expenses and therewith we settle your obligations from the said invoice. If at the end of a 12-month-period the approvals do not suffice to cover the entire invoice, you will just pay the remaining amount. We would like to point out that most of our clients who choose to utilize this project, pay the full invoice in a few months

For more information, please contact us per e-mail: uprava@santini.hr